About the Indiana Water Ski Association Updated for 2021

Updated: September 22, 2021

The Indiana Water Ski Association represents organized water skiing throughout the state of Indiana.  Its purpose is to promote organized water skiing and encourage water safety while cooperating with members of the local civic groups and working through state and local government.

We are the state-level extension of the national governing body, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports.  Our structure is similar in that we are governed by a board of directors elected each year by the general membership.  We operate as a 501C3 with officers and a budget and the board meets 5 times per year with general membership meetings twice a year.  Our membership consists of approximately 150 competitive water sports individuals who pay dues to our organization as well as to the national governing body USA Water Ski.

IWSA sanctions all tournaments and clinics held in Indiana. We hold clinics on safety, judging and scoring, boat driving and participant fundamentals. We also serve the many sport disciplines involved in water sports; 3 event skiing (slalom, trick, jump), wakeboarding, knee boarding, disabled skiing, bare footing, Collegiate water skiing and Junior Development and each of these divisions has a seat on our board of directors.

We have corporate sponsors who help to support our efforts;  Bart’s Water Ski Center and L.D. Smith Plumbing

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