Holographic Display in The Air Updated for 2021

Updated: September 13, 2021

Holographic Display in The Air

projection units display video content using rotating blades of LEDs that create a stunning 3D holographic effect, giving viewers the impression that the animated object is suspended in mid-air.


Each motor has a 4 blade propeller on it, that uses a combination of chips, magnets and LEDS.

As the blades with LEDs rotate, they create the illusion of an object floating in the air. The microprocessors and sensors pick up the angle, speed and position of each of the LEDs.

They then send signals to each of the LEDs to create a realistic 3D image. The main hardware of the technology is a blade that emits a strip of light creating holograms of images and words.

Multiple blades can be synchronised for larger holograms. As soon as this piece of hardware spins, eyes stop seeing hardware but a hologram, and the piece of hardware spins fast enough so a human eye does not see any rotation, and it sees the amazing holographic image.

Single projection unit called Hypervsn, Kino-mo also produces Hypervsn Wall, which is nothing but multiple units joined together to work synchronously allowing the creation of a hologram of pretty much any size and configuration. Report suggests that it is capable of a wall up to 10×20-metres in size.

The main advantage of this system is that it is scalable upto 10×20 meters in size, simply by adding more projectors to the wall.

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