108+ Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money in 2021 (Great Updated for 2021

Updated: September 17, 2021

How to Join an Affiliate Program?

To become an Affiliate marketer and receive the unique links to start earning commissions, you need to sign up with companies you hope to promote. Companies that offer Affiliate programs will accept new Affiliate marketers in one of two ways.

  • Direct Affiliate Program – This is when a company offers its own unique Affiliate program. You will work directly with the company. This usually offers better rates and helps build a relationship with their sales team.
  • Affiliate Networks – Think of Affiliate networks as middlemen handling the Affiliate programs of hundreds of companies. The benefit allows you to work with hundreds of companies at once through the same platform for easibility.

Affiliate Marketing Minimum Requirements

Whether you’re applying for an Affiliate network or the company directly, each Affiliate program has its own set of minimum requirements. Many of the requirements you can expect is an email address for contact, a good-looking website with a SSL certificate and a way to receive money (often PayPal).

Some Affiliate programs, but not many, may require a minimum website visitor count or minimum social media followers to join their program.

Additionally, many Affiliate programs may require your social security number or company tax information before they send you money so they’re compliant with the IRS. Never do this unless it’s a company you trust.

*Note: You should NEVER have to pay to join an Affiliate program. Every network we’ve ever joined is absolutely free and any Affiliate network asking you to pay is a red flag.


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