IM Consulting Updated for 2021

Updated: September 17, 2021

About Us

IM Consulting is a Business- financial services Company, which provides Technical & Fundamental analysis for stock markets & Forex, Business & Financial reports, Technical Analysis training, content SEO & translation, Social Media Management & Web Development.

We have an extensive experience in social media marketing, customer services, training and coaching Trader in technical analysis, launching stock markets webinars and providing video training for stock markets & Forex.

Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people, they are Arabic native speakers (Journalists, Translators,engineers and Marketers) and they also speak French & English fluently.

We have solid business partnerships with many international companies in order to enhance their businesses in North Africa and the Middle East.

Our team will help you to reach your goals through providing you with high quality services which are worry-free. All of the latter comes as a result of our highly organized methods and the procedures we strictly follow

Founder and Manager of IM Consulting Compagny


Author: Slade

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