d9clients.com/Affiliate Banners Updated for 2021

Updated: June 12, 2021

D9 Hosting

You can place any of the banners below on your website to promote D9 Hosting. Simply find a banner (or banners!) that you like the look of and then copy and paste the HTML code found under the banner onto your website.

We have two versions of each banner, one with the prices listed in US Dollars and the other with prices listed in Pounds Sterling. Please use whichever banner fits your target market best.

We have various different landing pages that you can link to if you are promoting a specific product, you can also link directly to the order form.

The first set of Affiliate links listed below direct users to the landing pages with pricing in US Dollars whilst the second set of links with landing pages containg pricing in Pounds Sterling can be found half way around the page.

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