Terms Of Service

1 Nature of the Affiliate Service

1.1. Complianz BV operates a website that allows third parties (‘Visitors’) to access information and/or enter into agreements with Complianz BV. If Visitors enter into agreements facilitated by the Affiliate Service, this will be with Complianz BV rather than with Publisher. Complianz BV will indemnify Publisher against any and all claims from Visitors related to the performance of this agreement.

1.2. Publisher will provide services to Complianz BV consisting of attracting identified Visitors who wish to enter into an agreement with Complianz BV (hereinafter: the ‘Affiliate Service’); Complianz BV will pay Publisher a fee for this Affiliate Service.

1.3. By entering into this agreement, the parties are not forming a partnership, general partnership, public partnership, joint venture or equivalent partnership. Neither party will be authorised to enter into agreements on the other party’s behalf.

1.4. Publisher expressly makes no commitment whatsoever and provides no guarantee whatsoever as regards Visitor numbers, agreements entered into, and the like.

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